Friday, 8 August 2014

I take the chance

There is one place - my favourite one - in the internet world where every Monday you find a step by step video showing a new art journal page. Have you heard about France Papillon? If not what are you doing here? Check out her blog! France is a lovely person and an amazing artist. Last Monday she celebrated her 100th Journal Monday.

To celebrate 100 JoM I'm sharing a step by step video. The video shows one of my favourites techniques. It's simple and effective. 

Here is a step by step video where you can see how I have made these pages. 
It's a short video, I've made it sitting in the garden and enjoying beautiful British summer ;)

A few days ago on 13arts blog I showed very similar page, using the same technique. 
If you prefer step by step with pictures pop in to the blog. Also you will find there a product list. 

Magda x


  1. Fabulous technique, thank you for sharing i shall give that a try. Great page! :-) xxx

  2. gosh girl, your spread really resonates with me!! And you have a talent to turn simple techniques into something gorgeous! thanks so much for joining the 100th Journal on Monday celebration :)))

  3. i lovevery much your process you have a great talent with this techniques thak you for video!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous, Magda! Love all the texture here. Great video!

  5. Stunning, I love the black background with the colors on top, so pretty!

  6. These are amazing, Magda! I love tissue paper backgrounds; they add such great texture. I don't know if my gesso will work for this technique but I'm definitely going to try it. Love the look.

  7. Your video was terrific Magda and I love the result, thanks so much for sharing it!

  8. obłędne tła! czerń u Ciebie jest niezwykle inspirująca!