Saturday, 30 August 2014

The sky is the limit + video

The blanket is almost done. A few more days and will be ready to give it away.

Today I would like to show you one of my tags. This is an old project. I made it a few weeks ago and forgot to show it on my blog.

Twice a month as an Educator for 13arts I show my favourite techniques and share my tricks with you. This time I made a tag and prepared video. I show there how I made a background using Acrylic Liquid Medium and mist. This is a very simple and effective technique, you should try it.

I think for last few weeks I'm obsessed by Ignis and Lola. I really love using them on my projects. They are not so cute as Agatha but these thin hands and

Link to the video and more photos you will find on 13arts blog or pop in to my YouTube channel.

Magda x


  1. It's their eyes that get to me they show such vulnerability! Your raindrops look fantastic and the Tag is beautiful:-) x

  2. I love that she is looking down to see "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT," Magda! This is amazing work!