Saturday, 7 February 2015

Stampotique + 13arts

I'm sorry that I didn't show you my last 4 art journal pages yet.
I was having problems with Blogger, once again!
But here I am with new projects.

Today I want to show you my tags for Stampotique and 13arts but tomorrow I will return with my art journal pages (I hope no more issues with Blogger!)

Here is a tag for 13arts. If you want to see more photos and how I have made a background for this project pop in to 13arts blog for step by step tutorial

More tags...these are for Stampotique challenge - Citrus colours.
I used my Ignis Kisses and Raindrops stamps and also Heads and Superhero text.

Magda x


  1. Pierwszy tag mnie powalił, piękny!

  2. Jezusie Nazareński! Skąd Ty czerpiesz pomysły? ja też tak chcęęęę! (jesteś genialna!)

  3. your work is always beautifully textured, so gorgeous. :)

  4. your work is always beautifully textured, so gorgeous. :)

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