Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First steps...

...and I'm already in love. What more can I say? New year, new technique...linocut. I hope this year I will find more time for my blog. I will try to show you a lot of projects and tutorials/videos. Some of the videos you already can see at my YouTube channel

I'm sure you noticed some changes on my blog. My lovely friend is preparing a banner for me. I will add some more graphics in the future. I also added some new 'pages' at the top of the blog. I can't say more right now but stay tuned. 

Magda x


  1. Są wspaniałe ! Bardzo miłosne ptaszki i koniś-a Walentynki tuż ,tuż...

  2. Są piękne!!! To musi być bardzo pasjonujące zajęcie!