Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Scary Monsters...

Jerzy Jeżyna nachodzi mnie w ogrodzie. Kilka dni strachu a potem wielkie odkrycie, że to tylko mały jeżyk a nie np. wombat.
Jerzy Jeżyna jest szczęściarzem, nie dość że codziennie na kolacje dostaje mięso to jeszcze chatę mu buduję. Zastanawiam się tylko nad ilością pięter ;) W najbliższych dniach spodziewajcie się zdjęć Jerzego. my garden! For last few days I was afraid to stay in the garden after 11pm. It's not funny! lol Hmm maybe I read too much about Wombats ( sorry only in Polish ) ;) It takes too long to write you what was happening in our garden for last few days. Anyway...
Enough is enough and yesterday we ( my hubby and I )  decided to stay in the garden and wait to see our monster...! Because we have had amazingly warm evenings for last few days it wasn't a bad idea at all.
And we waited...waited...and waited...Around 10.30 pm we heard a noise. Firstly I thought that my hubby is doing these noises to scary me. I wanted to shout at him to stop it because he would wake up dogs ( anyway they started to bark ). Than he said 'hedgehog'! A small hedgehog squeezed himself under our garden gate. We were around 1 metre from him. He looked at us and run squeezing himself under the gate once again.

Today I'm free from the 'monster in our garden' vision and I'm starting to build a house for our Jerzy Jeżyna hedgehog ;) Speaking about Scary Monsters...

Sneak peek...

Magda xxx


  1. Wow - your sneak peek is astounding!
    Alison x

  2. I've come to you from the Stampotique SDC blog, because your tag totally grabbed me. But oh my days! I just LOVE the above mosaic style things. I do a lot of Gelli prints and they would totally work with this. I am SO curious to know what the "sneak peek" is all about. I think it is going to be fabulous :)


    Mary Anne