Friday, 1 July 2016

Wanderlust 2016

One week to go! 
My video will be available next Friday! 
If you want to watch it and still didn't join Wanderlust 2016, please remember you have got time until 31st of July 2016. Of course you will get access to all previous videos and challenges etc. 
What can I say?! It has been amazing so far and still a few months to go! I have learnt a lot...and I still can't believe that I am among all these fantastic teachers!

My video lasts a little more than an hour and shows my favourite techniques and products.
I hope you won't fall asleep watching it ;)

Here is a tiny sneak peek

Magda x


  1. Your class for Wanderlust 2016 is amazing! Your process is inspiring. Your style is unique and I wish you much success! I am looking forward to trying your techniques using my choice of palette and critter... I am partial to flamingos! I love your flamingo blanket!

  2. Thank you Lea for such a nice comment, my face is red ;) Please share your project with me. I would love to see it!