Sunday, 3 January 2016

What to do with colouring pages part 2

Someone made my day today!!! Thank you Samantha!

A few days ago I sent my new colouring page to Samantha and asked her to play a little with it. She surprised me and made three projects using the page! She is so clever, I'm over the moon! I need to show you her projects but first please check out Samantha's amazing blog.

The colouring page is full of cute creatures. Some of you may know my 'Find a Teddy' pages, where cute teddies are hiding but this one is a little different. A lot of various characters and I hope a lot of fun for colouring lover. You can find a colouring page on Etsy
I need to say that my favourite creatures are Donut Beaver and Panda Bear. 
Can you find them?

.Samantha's projects (looooove them all!!!!)

Magda x


  1. So cute! I love everything Sam does! And your stamps too, Magda~

  2. How lovely - I've never known what to do with these before an have stayed away from the sheets and books as a result! Also, I LOVE your designs much more than alot of the other colouring sheets that are out there, Jo x

  3. Fantastic ! your designs + Samantha = magic !!!
    Corrie x

  4. Love these creations .. Especially the planner page xx

  5. Brilliant creations - each one filled with joy!

  6. I'm SO pleased you like them Magda! xoxo