Sunday, 21 December 2014

Everything is changing... taste too...
Still love chocolate but my style has changed!
Last year I made this project.

Today it looks...different.

I will be back with a few more posts before New Year. It is nearly a time to close this year on my blog and start a new, very exiting year!

Magda x


  1. Wow Magda loving your new page look, lots of dark areas & fantastic shadows with wonderful textures too.

    A great reflection on your 2014 journey. Looking forward to more... :-) x

  2. Just popped over from ASOI to leave a comment about your journal page. I am sorry I've not been able to find it. However I have loved seeing your progression from your earlier journal pages. I particularly love this one since you have updated it - the colours are gorgeous and the way you have captured texture on this and the page you have shared on ASOI is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous creations and I hope you have a lovely Christmas Karen x

  3. whichever style you is all amazing!!! love your artwork. :)

  4. A remarkable transformation, Magda! But, I reserve the right to love them both!