Thursday 15 May 2014

this is it!

Project life for me? Few months ago I would say no but today - yes, yes, yes! ;)
Great fun and a lot of memories in one place.

I have made this page using Sodalicious papers and a lot of Stampotique Originals stamps:
Ignis Heart, Design Cube, Dream definition, Trees 2sided, Dotted Squares

Magda x


  1. Ha no właśnie... też bym nie powiedziała, że się weźmiesz za PL... ale wyszło ci to rewelacyjnie i bardzo w twoim stylu...super MAdziu!!!

  2. Great idea for the Tag challenge! Love the puppies, Ignis looks wonderful surrounded by all your lovely doodling :-) x

  3. The pictures of the dogs are wonderful and I love how you gave some of them speech bubbles and Ignis looks lovely in the middle! Anne x

  4. Anything with your dogs and/or stamps in it will always be a hit with me! This was a great idea and way of capturing your LIFE! Nicely done, Magda!

  5. I love that, I too didn't ge the "Project Life" thing, but have to say It's grown on me now. Elizabeth x

  6. How wonderful Magda, I knew making your own cards would be a sure winner, it's so totally you.