Tuesday, 25 March 2014

new & old

Ha! Busy busy on my blog, isn't it? I'm showing you all my new & old projects which you haven't seen before. In two weeks time I'm going to Poland for a weekend and I hope I will come back with a lot of inspiration! That's why I need to show you all my old projects and than have a lot of free dates for new posts. 

It's not a secret that I love 13arts products. I have made a lot of my projects using these products and they are fab! Whatever your style is these products will be perfect. 
HERE you can see my small art journal pages. I was experimenting, playing with shapes and colours. 

There is one more project which I have made for 13arts blog. HERE you can see more photos and a list of products which I used to make it. 

Magda x


  1. wooow, kochana, uwielbiam Twoje prace.

  2. You packed a lot of art into one blog post, Magda! I checked out both links and am loving what you are creating these days! Still lots of your "signature" texture that I love so much. In particular, this envelope is full of dimension and interest! Don't stop!

  3. It's all so yummy, you busy bee you. Love love love the texture and colour.

  4. I love this project and the texture you produce is amazing .... Your very inspirational!