Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's raining...

Ha! Zaczynam odkopywać pracownię! Jeszcze kilka dni i wracam do roboty pełną parą! Poniżej super szybki projekt dla sklepu a sprinkle of imagination.

Just a quick one for today...More about this page you can find at a sprinkle of imagination blog. There is a list of products which I used for this project. All of these products you can buy at a sprinkle of imagination shop.

Magda x


  1. Love the texture and the colorsplash

  2. An awesome page, Magda! Love the depth you have created and all the subtle layering of your colours to create such a vibrant and "lively" impression!

    die amelie x

  3. Another beautiful project! Truly- you are a master of color and your sentiments are always significant. Thank you for sharing this!