Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Halloween after party

W skrócie...dwa projekty z których stworzyłam jedno pudełko. Moją mało stabilną konstrukcję możecie zobaczyć na blogu a sprinkle of imagination.


Last week at a sprinkle of imagination blog I showed my 'not the best constructed box' ;) If you want to see it please go to a sprinkle of imagination blog.

I made the box from my two projects. One of them I showed some time ago at a sprinkle of imagination blog, you can find more info about it here. And here it is... 

I needed more walls for my box and made these...

How did I put them together? Check at a sprinkle of imagination blog. All products ( except Amazon book cardboard ;)) you can buy here --> a sprinkle of imagination shop!

Tomorrow I will show you what I made for todays post for a sprinkle of imagination. If you can't wait pop in to the blog ;)

Magda x

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